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Support Number for Antivirus

Support for Antivirus

Security over the internet has emerged as a myth in the past few years with persistent breaches and repeated failures of various security companies in providing robust protection. It has been observed that in 2015 around half a billion personal records were stolen or lost from various sub categories of service providers like the medical industry, personnel, etc. and it was caused by cyber -attacks. The Zero day vulnerabilities have increased by 125% in the past year which is a major concern as they can cause serious damage. The myth about secure websites has also broken as around three quarters or 75% of legitimate websites have been found with security vulnerabilities which means that they are capable of infecting the user systems with malware planted in them by the cybercriminals without the knowledge of the webmasters. The cyber -attacks on the smaller organizations have increased by 55% through spear phishing and hence the organizations which have been complacent about their security that no one is going to pay attention to them are paying a heavy price for their carelessness. These are facts from the reports released for the year 2015 and they are really scary as they put a lot to risk. In the current times everything is on the internet and our interaction and dependence on the internet has also increased tremendously and if such threats are there then nothing is safe. Antivirus programs provide us security but they can only provide us security if we care for it. In case the antivirus program is not functioning properly, facing software conflicts or not getting outdated then it cannot guard us at all. Apart from that, many other security risks like the outdated operating system, useless and unpatched third party software programs, unlicensed applications, etc. also put your systems to serious security risk. If you want to remain protected from serious security issues it is very important that you start paying proper attention to them.

Antivirus Is A Must

A new malware strand is floated on the internet every four seconds and this is a huge number. In the year 2015 alone 760 million new infections were recorded which is a huge and alarming number. The malware infections have grown at a rate of 400% in the past half a decade and it is increasing at a dangerous pace. More than a million Advance Persistent Threats (APTs) were also detected last year which can cause some serious damage. Ransomware has also started changing its form and it has become deadlier and stronger. No particular antivirus company can offer you a solution to decrypt your files once they have been encrypted by the crypto lockers and hence it is a big issue. Cyber infections are a reality of the day and only way to fight them is to have proper security measures and show responsible behavior on the internet.

Lowest Price

Antivirus Support Number offers you the antivirus products of all the leading brands like Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Avast, AVG, etc. at lowest prices so that you can easily buy the security product of your choice without having to pay exorbitant price. We offer great discounts and schemes on all the products sold by us. We also offer special discount to bulk and corporate purchases along with attractive offers for retail customers. You can call us anytime for getting the genuine products immediately. We will provide you the license keys and any other information required by you through our helpline number and email support immediately.

Fast and Easy Technical Support 24 x 7

We also offer fast, reliable and affordable technical support for all problems arising in your antivirus program at any point of time. Our certified experts are available round the clock to ensure that whatever problem is encountered in using the security product is resolved within minutes as we clearly understand the importance of online security. Our experts are online 24 x 7 to provide you complete assistance. You will be assisted instantly through our phone support system or via remote access and it will be ensured that the problem is completely and satisfactorily resolved.

Easily Get Help

The process of getting technical support from Antivirus Help Number is quite easy. Just call our Toll Free Number and explain the problems faced by you in using the antivirus product or report the problems in your system. Our experts with year or experience and skills acquired in troubleshooting issues will tell you the probable causes of the problem. They will run some diagnostic tests to ensure that the problem is identified clearly. Once the root cause of the problem has been pinpointed our experts will tell you the steps to troubleshoot the issue yourself. The information will be provided to you in a step by step manner and the experts will make sure that you understand them clearly by patiently explaining them to you. In case you find it complex or time taking you can also ask our experts to resolve the issues through remote access too so that they can eliminate the problems themselves. This is one of the fastest ways to get the problems resolved. We assure you of faster and efficient resolution of all the technical issues at the lowest prices every time.

Virus, spyware, ransomware, Trojans, bugs, worms, phishing software, and keyloggers are used rampantly by the cybercriminals and apart from the protection provided by the antivirus product it is also important that the users also take proper caution to avoid the problems caused by them.

Some of the important tips to follow are:

  • Always keep your operating system fully updated for the security updates released at regular intervals. Considering any operating system completely safe and immune from infections is a misconception which can cost you dearly
  • Outdates and unlicensed third party applications are a major source of infections as they aren’t updated for the security vulnerabilities and hence you must avoid them at all times
  • You must always take backup of your important data as a countermeasure of any ransomware attack that may encrypt your system. Ransomware can infect your system through various sources
  • Always treat unsolicited emails containing attachment files with suspicion and never enable macros to read them as it can unleash various malware programs that may infect your system and antivirus program will be a sitting duck
  • Keep your antivirus program fully functional and free from software glitches. If it is not getting updated regularly then immediate help should be taken to resolve the issues as this can impair its protective abilities

Some of the common issues faced by users:

  • Facing problems in installing the antivirus program correctly
  • The antivirus program showing invalid key error on reinstallation
  • Facing update errors and the antivirus showing out of date definitions
  • The previous third party antivirus application not getting uninstalled completely
  • Software conflicts between the antivirus and the system firewall causing problems in system performance
  • The antivirus program blocking the installation of safe applications too
  • The system performance has deteriorated since the time you installed the antivirus application
  • The problem of abrupt system crash has increased after installing the antivirus program
  • Facing problems in installing the antivirus on Mac or other OS
  • Not able to set scheduled system scans on your system
  • The system working very slow during the scheduled system scans
  • Other issues related to troubleshooting problems in functioning of the antivirus program

If you have been facing such issues and want instant technical support for antivirus program you can call us anytime for help. Our experts are available 24 x7 to provide you the required assistance anytime. We also provide the license keys of the antivirus programs at the lowest prices and you can buy them from us anytime.